Mobile Gaming Technology

Hemp Inc.

Hemp Inc. is the platform that solves the communication challenge between passionate legalization supporters and mainstream advertisers that want to participate in the pro-legalization movement!

Highly Scalable Revenue Streams

A Social Gaming Experience

Hemp, Inc. has proprietary IP and an experienced development team. It is a social game, community, lifestyle brand and sales platform with its focus in the arts, entertainment and modern cannabis counter culture. Hemp, Inc. is establishing itself as a industry ‘brand’ within the emerging market, through tapping into the explosive growth of the video gaming industry, combining that with what we believe will be the inevitable legalization of cannabis.

For those new to the gaming space, the business model is simple. Hemp, Inc. uses gaming as a sales platform. This successful business model has developed a unique marketing strategy for Hemp Inc. that leverages powerful viral and social mechanisms to keep the cost of acquiring users low, with multiple revenue streams. We believe Hemp Inc. is a fun, viral and addictive social game designed to position itself as a mobile gaming leader.


User Interface

The Gaming as a Sales Platform formula combines a game, community, media portal and brand into a seamless and addictive experience that’s available on almost any mobile device.



Hemp Inc. is designed to be a powerful marketing tool for any brand, artist or business looking for exposure to a highly engaged audience of millennial consumers.

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