• July 26, 2017

Senate Fights Back With The Department of Justice

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Senate Fights Back With The Department of Justice

When it comes to hot topics in the senate, there’s no other subject the people love to talk about other than medical marijuana. This is because the fight between the government and the people, to keep medical marijuana instated in legal states is still going strong. And even though some states have made the drug a legal medicine, supposedly that doesn’t stop lawmakers from trying to force new policies on it. This time, though, the senate’s panel of judges are taking extreme measures to protect the states that have legalized the drug.

Just recently in July, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment for a budget bill to protect medical cannabis programs from any federal interference in states that have legalized the drug as medicine. The amendment’s main supporters were casted by a voice vote. In addition, the details on the bill prohibits the Justice Department from using funds to stop the use, distribution, possession, or growing of marijuana in their own states. That is for medical use, of course.

For some politicians, the notion to be against this drug is ridiculous. Moreover, some politicians, like Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) believe the federal government should not punish patients who are doing nothing but following the law. He also argued that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is wasting their time and should focus on more threatening issues. His comments reveal the DOJ are not cops as they look insane chasing doctors and shutting down hospitals.

On the other hand, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) argued the DOJ is just doing their job. Enforcing federal laws is what they are for and why they are around.

But as the people in this good country would agree, we are living in a beautiful time, one where the people have seen how “green” the grass is on the other side. As a result, countless states have begun to legalize use of medical cannabis, it’s an epidemic now. And this won’t be the first or last bill on the subject. There are more fights to come, and this generation of citizens are ready to fight back, stronger than ever.


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